Materials in English

On this page you will find materials developed in the project Intervention for Young Cannabis Users 2018‒2020. All materials are printer-friendly, and some can be filled in and saved on your computer. The materials can be used both by professionals in client work and as self-help tools.

The materials are included in a brief intervention that we have developed for professionals in the social and health care sector. The intervention provides support in talking to clients about cannabis use and working with clients in a way that is supportive, motivating, and non-judgemental.



The fact sheet provides basic information about cannabis and its active ingredients and uses. In addition, the fact sheet highlights the most common desired and undesired effects of cannabis use in the long and short term, as well as the frequency of cannabis use in Finland.

Link to Fact Paper



The Matrix is a tool that can be used to evaluate cannabis use both in the short and long term: the advantages and disadvantages of use, and the advantages and disadvantages of reducing or stopping use. On the reverse side of the matrix, you will find tips for reducing or stopping cannabis use and for reducing risks associated with cannabis use.

Link to Matrix



The Cannabis Use Diary is a tool for monitoring cannabis use. In the weekly tables, the user writes down whether they used cannabis or not, the amount they used (grams or times), how much money they spent on cannabis, and their general mood. The diary also contains questions that give the user food for thought, and space to make notes.

Link to Cannabis use diary



CAST is a screening test for evaluating the risk level of cannabis use. The test can also help evaluate the negative effects of use, and the need for referral to substance abuse treatment or other support services. CAST has been validated in several European countries, but not in a Finnish context. An evaluation study is currently being conducted by the University of Turku.

PLEASE NOTE! Among other things, a person’s age and overall life situation affect how the test score is interpreted. The younger the person, the more important it is to evaluate the cannabis use and the need for referral to support services. On the reverse side of the test there are some instructions for interpreting the test score. These instructions are indicative and will be developed further based on user experience.

Link to Cannabis Abuse Screening Test



The Action Plan for Change is a tool that can be used when the goal is to change cannabis use. It acts as a support when the goal is to, for example, reduce or stop cannabis use, or reduce the negative effects associated with cannabis use.

There is a fillable form on the front of the plan. This form will help you create a concrete plan for change. On the reverse side there are tips for how to go about making a life change and things worth thinking about when setting goals for change.

Link to Action Plan for Change